Partnering with nTech

Strategic partnerships are the key to success for small – large, multi-disciplined projects. Unique experience, innovation, client familiarity, or specialized capabilities often make the difference when developing winning solutions and exceeding client expectations throughout the performance of an engagement. nTech is committed to working with both Large and Small business partners developing long-term relationships with complementary organizations that share our values and dedication to client success. If you would like to explore existing or future partnerships with nTech, please contact us at

Small – Large Business Partners

nTech is committed to working with the small business community. We have a vested interest in supporting small and disadvantaged businesses – to help nTech and the partner(s) grow their business and support our community. Since nTech is a small business we strive to support the larger companies that have taken the role of the Prime. nTech takes pride in all tasks assigned and strives to deliver all tasks on-schedule and complete.

If you are a small business and would like to contact nTech regarding an existing business opportunity or if you would like to be considered for future subcontracting opportunities, please contact us at