Whether you are looking for a very specific solution or help solving an enterprise-level challenge that involves multiple divisions, agencies, or functional areas, nTech is the confident choice to help you meet critical business and mission objectives.

nTech offers integrated business solutions across a wide range of disciplines. Our teams work in close collaboration with clients and each other to harness expertise from different functional areas which enables us to develop, deploy and manage world-class solutions from beginning to end.

Specialized Staffing

nTech offers unparalleled recruiting capabilities to meet the unique personnel requirements of government organizations. With priority access to countless staffing specialists operating in and around markets in North America and the rest of the world, no other government services firm can offer the recruiting speed and access to hard to find experts that nTech can provide. From Secure/Non-Secure technical and non-technical one off positions to staffing entire projects, nTech can deliver the specialized staff with the precise expertise to meet your business objectives.

IT Engineering and Operations

By providing the highest-caliber technical professionals in the industry, nTech can help our clients plan, build and run their critical IT infrastructure. We find vetted, best-in-class IT professionals with skill sets in various disciplines to meet a gamut of IT engineering and operational requirements.

With expertise in healthcare and IT solutions coupled with an in-depth knowledge of hot-button federal regulations and compliance requirements, nTech partners with healthcare organizations to provide highly skilled and hard-to-find personnel. Our recruiters have a repository of candidates in both the professional and administrative fields as well as medical and laboratory personnel.

As demand for skilled, experience and cleared intelligence and cyber professional grows, confidence in the ability to recruit, hire, place and retain these personnel has become critical. nTech provides an unmatched capability to put the right people in the right job at the right time, backed up with nTech dedication to client success. We can find personnel to meet challenging mission requirements, with analytical expertise and knowledge of national security event phenomenology. Intelligence and Security personnel include:

nTech specializes in placing highly skilled financial professionals in organizations that are looking for a customized staffing solution. nTech partners with our government and civilian clients to provide professional staff with the experience necessary to meet any mission requirement. We offer comprehensive staffing solutions to augment your workforce during unexpected staff shortages or providing an entire team to execute a project.

nTech understands the fundamental challenges with Information Technology and appreciate the importance of achieving each mission. More importantly, we listen and learn, no two agencies are the same, nor any two challenges. nTech works in close partnership with our Prime Contractor(s), Subs & clients to truly understand their unique needs and objectives, and then we can design, build, deploy, and/or maintain scalable network infrastructure and information assurance solutions to achieve and exceed the customers goals and objectives.

Information Technology systems are essential to government agency operations, yet agencies are being asked to do more and more with fewer resources than ever before. In addition, agencies must contend with new regulations, increased scrutiny, demand for greater transparency and inter-agency data sharing, and pressure to expand services and capabilities to constituents and internal customers.

From designing cutting-edge software solutions to designing & running networks with thousands of users, nTech is the confident choice for Information Technology solutions.

nTech provides scalable network management and information assurance solutions to support a wide range of environments – from local networks to global enterprises. Our expert teams utilize IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes and provide 24/7/365 infrastructure and system support to deliver more efficient and cost-effective network operations as well as early detection and remediation of issues that threaten network resource availability.

Engineering Support

IT Engineering and Management

nTech works closely with commercial & government customers to provide innovative enterprise technology solutions that solve complex communication and data processing challenges. From defense systems that support the war fighter in theater, to clinical software applications that help improve the quality of medical care at home, nTech experts provide in-depth analyses of existing systems and provide guidance on the most efficient and effective ways to achieve desired improvements. With end-to-end program management – from initial design through ongoing management – nTech has the expertise and experience to deliver the information technology solutions you need to help achieve mission success. Service offerings include:

Software Development

Software development excellence is crucial for enterprise systems to be successful. nTech has a proven track record of developing complex systems used for mission-critical applications. We can provide full-range of system and software development lifecycle activities for small organizations all the way through global networks.

Our software development services incorporate only the best and vetted industry standards. Our solutions are tailored to meet client’s specific requirements, taking into consideration the environmental requirements while leveraging existing technical resources. Quality assurance and quality control are of paramount importance to our customers reliant upon program success. Software developed by nTech undergoes rigorous testing and control – to ensure that the end product is intuitive and effective. We implement well defined management and engineering processes that ensure all activities are performed in a standard and repeatable manner.

Service offerings include: